Marketcircle Fitness Challenge

Our Company / July 11, 2014 / Kristie

Fitness is an important part of your overall health. It improves your mood and gives you more energy, resulting in increased in productivity. Marketcircle encourages all of our employees to have work/life balance and part of that is encouraging an active, healthy lifestyle. In February, we started a company fitness challenge to give everyone’s New Years resolutions a boost. Having summer around the corner was also an incentive to get into shape.

Each contestant recorded their starting weight, measurements, and the maximum number of pushups they could do. Over the few months we got together to exchange healthy meal plans and exercise tips and to discuss each others personal fitness goals. The challenge was to see who had the most improvement in their physical health.

At the end of the challenge, each contestant had their final weight, measurements, and the maximum number of pushups they could do recorded again. The difference between each total was calculated as a percentage to make the challenge fair for each person. This way everyone had an equal chance to lose weight, inches, and increase their strength.

The highest percentage of body weight loss was 5.6% by Asmin.

The maximum number of pushups done was 64 by Rahim.

After final weigh ins and all calculations were made, the winner was Mike! He was awarded a monetary prize to be used towards either a gym membership or fitness equipment. He was also given the honorary trophy, which he now displays on his desk with pride.

Everyone had fun and saw progress. Together we were able to help each other get closer to our fitness goals. Looks like this will be a regular challenge. Stay tuned for the Fall Fitness Challenge and see who can stand up to Mike.

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