iOS 6 Compatibility for Daylite & Billings/Pro

Our Company / September 20, 2012 / Alykhan Jetha

We’ve done some testing with iOS 6 and the current, latest versions, of our apps are compatible.

  • Daylite Touch (for Daylite 3.x)
  • Daylite for iOS (for Daylite 4.x)
  • Billings Touch
  • Billings Pro Touch

All are compatible. Please make sure you have the latest version in the App Store on your iOS device.

iPhone 5 Compatibility
We’ll be updating Daylite for iOS and Billings/Pro to take advantage of the bigger iPhone 5 screen in a future update.

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  1. Now that I can sync my DL4 calendar to my iPad, Siri will tell me my appointments, as it grabs the info from ios6 calendar. Easy workaround until Siri cal link directly to DL. However, I wouldn’t put Siri on the top of your enhancement list… Because it is more a novelty designed for playing music, etc… And less for business applications. Just my 2cents worth. Also, the DL 4 family of products seems very stable.

  2. Emily Rudow
  3. @Ron Woodbury Thanks for the feedback! 🙂

  4. Frank
  5. Soon please

  6. Really looking forward to that iPhone 5 update – soon as possible please. 🙂

  7. Jörgen Olsson
  8. I hope that you make a quick fix of the DayLite 4 for iOS app just to make use of the screen estate, so tthat the update will be available soon.


  9. Mark Simons
  10. When will the touch apps finally become iPhone 5 compliant? Cannot believe this is the last app I use every day that does not make use of the larger screen ….

  11. Emily Rudow
  12. @Mark The touch apps are compatible with iOS6 and makes use of the tall screen on the iPhone 5.

  13. Tom Sułkowski
  14. @Emily That is not true. Or did you forget about your Billings Touch app?
    The last update was in Nov 2011 and clearly it DOESN’T use iPhone 5’s full height…
    It’s a real bummer, because the app itself is great.
    I even kind of understand if you don’t care about it anymore – if there are other, more profitable endeavours – but please don’t say it has your current support if it simply doesn’t.

    (btw. is it really such a pain to add this iP5 to billings touch?)

  15. Emily Rudow
  16. @Tom Sulkowski Hi Tom, my apologies. I was just commenting on the compatibility of all Touch apps with iOS6 and referring to only Daylite 4 and Billings Pro in regards to iPhone 5 support.

    “We’ll be updating Daylite for iOS and Billings/Pro to take advantage of the bigger iPhone 5 screen in a future update.”

    Again, sorry for not making this clear.

  17. Jensen
  18. Looking forward to a Billings Touch update to take advantage of my iPhone 5 screen ratio!

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