Introducing Billings Pro 1.6 with new pricing and account options

Product Updates / November 14, 2012 / Admin

Pricing & plans for Billings Pro

Billings Pro gives you responsive and intuitive native apps for Mac and iOS, combined with our Cloud service to make sure your data is everywhere you want it, even when you’re offline. Cloud syncing ensures that by the time you’re back to the office, any timeslips or expenses you’ve entered on your phone are ready to be invoiced. Phone dead? Use Timecard in any web browser to log your time or enter your mileage before you forget.

When you’re back on your Mac, quickly create estimates using preset Blueprint slips, manage multi-currency orders, approve billable hours from other workers, and of course, send structurally customizable and beautiful invoices. And Billings Pro also helps you keep track of late payments and reminds you to send out recurring invoices so you stay on top of your billing and get paid on time.

Today, we are launching Billings Pro 1.6. Flexibility has always been part of our Billings core values, including options for billing by time, flat rate, quantity, expenses/mileage, or retainers. With today’s changes to our Cloud service, we are excited to improve our offerings to suit the needs of businesses of all sizes and bring this flexibility to our plans as well. Here’s our new pricing model for Billings Pro Cloud:

Beginning today, the current Billings Pro Plan, with unlimited features, will now be referred to as a Professional plan for single users, at the same price as the current plan, $19.95 (US) per month.

We’re also introducing a new Business plan, which starts with two users, at $39.95 (US) per month. Additional users on this plan can be added for just $12 (US) per month each. Current customers, with multiple users, will be automatically migrated into this plan.

For new businesses, we have added the Freelance plan for only $9.95 (US) per month which allows you to send out up to five invoices, estimates, and statements per month.

Billings Pro is a fully scalable invoicing solution, usable for entrepreneurs just starting out, and is ready to grow along with you into a larger business – just add colleagues as needed. As your finances get more complex, use built-in reports to quickly summarize your numbers and understand where your business is headed. For year end accounting, export your data to Quickbooks for Mac or Moneyworks for full tax preparation. Your business will inevitably change as it grows – Billings Pro is ready to adapt to your ever changing needs along the way.

Oh, and there’s also a Free plan for those just starting out with their businesses, which allows you to send one invoice, estimate, and statement per month, and it doesn’t expire! Take all the time you need to get your business off the ground.

Sign up for your Free Billings Pro Cloud account today.

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    Rasmus Paulsen
  1. So? No updates to the app itself? Only an update to how you choose to monetize the app in a better way?

    This is okay, since there is no feature request’s on the forum for either Billings or Billings Pro? Oh wait? The forums are actually filled with unhappy costumers with 2 year old feature requests.

  2. Kia
  3. Wait does that mean there is no ‘buy out’ option for people who have bought it already? Billings Pro now being a ‘cloud based’ service only?

    Not sure if I like that idea to be perfectly frank.

  4. Hi Kia,

    Billings Pro Self Serve is still available for customers. There are updated Client and Server versions available. Billings Pro 1.6 introduces a new pricing structure for Cloud customers only.



  5. Kia
  6. Oh a sigh of relief! But I don’t see any information regarding that on the main product page, maybe an update is needed?

  7. Fran
  8. So, where is BP 1.6 available to download?? Can´t find it. And, do the actual cloud clients need to re-sign up on the cloud?


  9. Emily Rudow
  10. @Fran We will be sending an email out to existing cloud customers shortly with the BP 1.6 download links. You do not need to re-sign up to receive updates.

  11. xxx
  12. So is there anything *new* in 1.6? Does it fix some of the issues in the apparently no longer developed “normal” Billings version? In other words, is it worth switching to? Does it do different invoice number sequences per client? Are the templates and reports editors any good, unlike the horrible complete crap that is Billings’ support?

  13. AJ
  14. Rasmus and xxx,

    We’ve made a number of fixes in 1.6. The release notes have been posted here:

    A while ago, users requested multi-user support and some kind of cloud system – we added both of those and a number of other things (including an improved report editor and smarter templates). With cloud, users have been asking for more pricing options and with 1.6, we’ve added that (there is a lot of backend work to make this happen). Users have also been asking for Daylite 4 support and in conjunction with Daylite 4.1, Billings Pro 1.6 adds that.

    Soon, we’ll release the next update to Billings Pro Touch which adds support for iPhone 5.

    Further to the price issue, Billings users have been asking for sync with multiple devices/macs or sync without requiring to be one the same WiFi network. Billings Pro already does this, but the price was out of line with the amount of invoicing they actually did. We’ve now made it more affordable — including offering a free option.

    While it may appear that we aren’t listening, we really are.

  15. Jay Gardinar
  16. AJ/Marketcircle – please ignore all the negative trollings by various individuals (ie. ‘xxx’, which is likely forum member ‘vsl’). The rest of us appreciate your work.

    For myself, I’ve been curious about Billings for a while – the new free option give me a reason to finally try it out.

  17. Rich Aubin
  18. Good to see you are still tending to the program and fine-tuning it’s pricing tiers. The list of fixes and revisions looks very thin though. I’m hoping to find some unlisted fixes and revisions to things like unchangeable dates in timecard (promised “We’ll make the date editable in a future update” over two years ago) and fixing the medium date format issue (also long-ago promised as a fix). I’ve got a long list of wishes and I’m trying to hold off colleagues who are thinking about moving to another platform. I’ll spend some time with this version and post an aggregation of requested changes and tweaks.

  19. I’m not sure I can share the sentiments of Jay. This seems like added limitations and further barriers to entry for businesses with more than one person (or even businesses with more than one person who would like to act as larger organisations), rather than additions or added flexibility to me. Also it’s not ‘trolling’ to give a legitimate comment even if Billings is overall a good product (albeit with limitations). Sometimes ‘negative’ comments can be made into positives by taking on board what has been said even if it isn’t in a way that we might like it. That is the sign of a progressive business and would benefit businesses such as Marketcircle.

  20. So what does this mean for the groups who have a self-hosted Billings Pro / BPS setup? Will this eventually be phased out and force us to “upgrade” to the cloud system? If so, will there be a better price point to entice those who have already shelled out a good amount of money for the initial software(s)?

    And as for the individuals who wanted a more feature-rich version of Billings for individual use…wasn’t that what the original version of Billings (the $39.99 flat-fee app) and Billings touch (FREE iOS app) was meant for? It honestly seems like you’re taking more away than you’ve given to the community. And (as one of the other posters put it) completely ignoring the important feature requests for 2+ years.

  21. By the way… for the freelancers looking for the software I mentioned above (which is worth every penny) go to to download the Desktop application and to download the iOS app.

  22. AJ
  23. Steve,

    There is only one option that Billings/Touch has over Billings Pro/Touch and that is invoicing from the device. Billings Pro Touch will get this feature soon. Other than this feature, Billings Pro has many more features than Billings (including multi-user, multi-device, smarter invoice templates and more).

    Freelancers are demanding multi-device support and we have this in Billings Pro, but we got feedback that the price was prohibitive. We have changes to the plans to accommodate this request.

  24. AJ,

    Doesn’t look like you really read my message. If you did, you completely missed what I was talking about… Try reading again and feel free to contact me at your convenience if you’d like to discuss my feedback personally.

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