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Our Company / April 1, 2013 / Alykhan Jetha

Since our last update in December, we’ve made good progress on our new cloud infrastructure. As you know, we weren’t too happy with the performance previously and how it would affect scaling. We’ve devised new solutions and ways to address those problems. We are implementing those new systems and applying rigorous tests to everything. The testing methods we are using are adding time to the implementation, but we think it is worth it. I must say, this new infrastructure stuff is very exciting! It will open up so many more possibilities for us.

As of right now, we are not prepared to announce an exact date or timeline, but rest assured that we are working very hard to ensure cloud will be something we all are truly proud of. We will post another update at the end of next quarter.

We want to clarify to our customers that the cloud solution we’re working on will not be a web-based version of Daylite. Instead, we are talking about an approach that allows customers to use the native Mac & iOS version of Daylite (and CalDAV/CardDAV clients) and removing the need for Daylite Server and its various complex administrative needs for backups, server side networking etc…

If you are awaiting the release of cloud instead of making the decision to purchase Daylite now. Don’t worry, we will prorate the amount you paid in licenses towards your cloud account once it becomes available and offer to migrate your data. You can start using Daylite today, without the fear of losing money down the road.

We appreciate your patience and will continue to provide updates and more details as the time draws closer.

Until next time…

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    Chris Matthews
  1. Very disappointing update. No timeline, no hint of release date. Just wait another quarter – and then who knows? Daylite is really, really good and cloud usage is an absolute must. Please please get this available to us, soon. Many thanks.

  2. AJ
  3. I know Chris! I wish we could be more specific, but we really can’t rush this. If we put it too soon and it performs badly, you’ll be more upset.

    Trust me when I say I wish cloud was here yesterday!

  4. Michael
  5. Cant wait.. until Daylite goes cloud based, been waiting for a long time for this, but as you say you want to make it Perfect ..we will wait. Thanks 🙂

  6. AJ
  7. Thanks Michael!

  8. Thanks for the update and the reassurance about licence payments. Will this hybrid desktop/cloud version be able to link with other software eg cloud based email autoresponders, etc?

  9. AJ
  10. Hi John,
    There are no immediate plans to change how DMA works. It will work the same as today. Having said that, the cloud option does give a few more options for the future.

  11. AJ,

    I appreciate the update and clarification. Using the Daylite client with a cloud backend sounds like a robust solution. Too bad it’s taking a while, but I’m happy to wait for Daylite and its mail integrated power. Just one thing: I’m in Japan, and I’ve been waiting throughout the history of Daylite in the hope of a Unicode solution. I don’t need a bilingual interface, but if your database won’t handle doublebyte (Japanese) characters, please tell me now and put me out of my misery.


  12. AJ,

    We’re Google Apps users and we’re looking hard at Daylite. Any future for a Google Apps/Gmail type of Mail Assistant?

    Thanks in advance.

  13. AJ
  14. Ryan,
    DMA works just fine with GMail. I know some our partners setup Google Apps and Daylite. They can perhaps suggest some workflows. We’ll follow up.

  15. Hi AJ,

    Will Daylite Cloud accommodate foreign languages including double-byte character languages like Japanese?


  16. AJ
  17. Hi Duncan,

    Daylite should handle double-byte characters in the UTF-8 range – so Japanese should be just fine. Obviously, you’ve run into a case we are not handling properly. Open a support ticket and we’ll look into it and get some resolution.

  18. Brad
  19. Hello,
    Am I correct in assuming the cloud feature will still require us to use the desktop and ios apps? In other words there will not be a browser interface? Will there be any updates that will allow us to use Daylite with an Android device. I am thinking of dumping my iPhone in favour for an Android device and the only thing keeping me on the iPhone at this point is Daylite. Any solutions to this problem in the near future?



  20. AJ
  21. Hi Brad,

    Yes, the apps are native and not web based. So Mac OS and iOS for now. We’ll re-evaluate Android in the future. No Android for now.

  22. Am I understanding AJ correctly when he says the current version of DMA works with Gmail?

  23. AJ
  24. Yes Nick. You have to setup your gmail account in Apple Mail and use it from there.

  25. 100% agree with Chris Matthews’ comment above.

  26. AJ
  27. We are working on it! We want it out asap as well.

  28. Guys
    Patience – patience. How many software developers rush their products to market to satisfy peoples strange deisre for needing it now, now, now.
    You cant miss what you have never had and it will only be all the more exciting when it does arrive.
    Keep Calm, Use Daylie.

  29. AJ
  30. Well said Jeff.

  31. Jay Gardinar
  32. 100% agree with Jeff’s comment above

  33. Hi AJ,

    How about that update?


  34. AJ
  35. Wow – right on the money 🙂
    We’ll provide that update soon.

    I’ll also email you. I have a few questions to ask you.

  36. Chris Matthews
  37. So the second quarter has been and gone and unless it’s passed me by, we are due an update on the cloud saga. What’s the news – hopefully you have something substantive to say, or will it be wait another quarter? It’s a great product but effectively crippled for SME use by no cloud access. Really need that sorted….is it worth you pausing on marginal improvements to the existing product in order to make the big breakthrough on the cloud?

  38. Charles
  39. Any update?

    I am on the road and need a cloud based solution. I have been delaying for two years.

    A negative update (we are still working on it) would be news. No update raises questions.


  40. Chris Matthews
  41. Any progress on moving Daylite 4 to the cloud?

  42. Earth to AJ…:-)

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