Compatibility for OS X El Capitan & iOS 9

Our Company / July 15, 2015 / Kristie

As expected, there’s a growing buzz around Apple’s plan to release its newest operating system, OS X El Capitan and iOS 9. As Apple continually improves their operating systems for better user experience and performance, we also continue to improve our apps.

Daylite 5 & Billings Pro Compatibility

Our development team is already taking action to ensure Daylite 5 and Billings Pro are compatible with El Capitan and iOS 9. We aim to have Daylite 5 and Billings Pro compatible in time for Apple’s release of the new operating system. Apple is expected to release OS X El Capitan and iOS 9 in the Fall, although there is no specific date released yet, so we can’t confirm 100% that our apps will be fully compatible on the exact date of the release. As with every release of a new operating system, there are changes that effect our apps– sometime right at the last minute. So while we will try to be ready on day 1, we can’t guarantee our apps will be fully compatible on the actual release date, but we will work as fast as possible to ensure compatibility within the first two weeks of the release.

To keep you in the loop of the compatibility of our apps, you can check out our Marketcircle Compatibility Page.

Beta Testing El Capitan & iOS 9

Since our apps contain critical information for your business, make sure you check our compatibility page before updating to the new operating system. If you are part of the beta program, we encourage you to test the new operating system on a separate machine. This way you avoid the risk of losing access to your important business information, as even minor changes to an operating system can greatly affect the apps you’re using. This is important for any application you’re using, not just Daylite or Billings Pro. If you do choose to test the new operating system, please keep in touch with our support team about any issues that arise so our development team is made aware. You can contact us via the Help Centre and please include the specific version numbers of the operating system and the app.

Daylite 4 Compatibility

If you are using Daylite 4, we advise you not to upgrade to El Capitan & iOS 9. Daylite 4 has not been tested on El Capitan and will not be supported by us. Daylite Mail Assistant 4 will not work on OS X El Capitan and Daylite 4 on the iPhone and iPad will not work with iOS 9. Apple does not allow submissions for updates made with older SDKs (development kits). Because of this restriction in the App Store and the fact that majority of Daylite customers (about 80%) have already upgraded to Daylite 5, we will not be updating Daylite 4 to be compatible with El Capitan or iOS 9.

We recommend that Daylite 4 customers avoid updating to OS X El Capitan or iOS 9 until ready to upgrade to the newest version of Daylite.

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