Billings Pro for iPad coming soon

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The iPad has revolutionized the way we work. It’s made us more mobile and allows us to interact with our customers in a whole new way. We’ve been studying this change and we’ve re-imagined how you invoice your customers. It’s coming soon to an iPad near you. You can sign-up to stay updated here.

Our beta team has started putting it through it’s paces and we’re looking for a few mobile Billings Pro customers to expand the group. (We only have a few spots available). If you are interested, send an email to

Billings Pro for iPad will be ready soon and we’re excited for it to become the newest member of the Billings Pro family for all our customers!

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  1. Hi, I would like to become a beta tester of billings… Been a customer with marketcircle for 7 years now

  2. Very cool! Right now I use the iPhone version on my iPad but would love to have a version made specifically for iPad.

  3. Please let us use our own invoices.

  4. I’d like to beta test, if you would like the opinion if a professional photographer running two businesses. I’ve been shooting advertising professionally for 25yrs and I own a stock photo agency. I shoot assignment work and sell stock photography for a living. Doing it from the road sounds great!

    I have been a Daylite and Daylite Touch user for many years. I completely rely on those apps to run all my productions and manage all my clients. I use the mobile apps at least 20 times a day, and the desktop 9 hours at a time on office days. To FINALLY have a mobile invoice solution would be AWSOME.

  5. AJ
  6. Eric, that’s great to hear!!

  7. Jorge Martinez
  8. That is great, I love your software but…without user invoices and estimates… it won’t be worth. Just in case.

  9. Bruce Nicholson
  10. Hopefully it wont have all those cheesy invoice templates that look really unprofessional. Also the awful receipt note that resembles a note on a corkboard..

  11. It sounds great! I have a business where we use data from our Daylite database and we can only hope that this iPad version would alllow for us to take into the customers home and share our specific data with them about their home. It would also be a good feature, where we could have them sign a copy for our records. I guess we can only dream that someday, Apple fans can have databases & CRM’s like PC people have had for a few years.

  12. thebimbo
  13. So does it support different currencies on a project? Last time I looked at Billings Pro on Mac it was a glaring hole.

  14. AJ
  15. Billings Pro supports a single currency per client. Each client can have a separate currency. From the pattern we’ve seen, when a client has multiple currencies, they have 2(or more) different locations and they want a separate invoice for each location. In this case, we suggest having 2 separate clients (one for each location & currency).

  16. David Chapman
  17. How is the look of Billings Pro for iPad (or iPhone for that matter) with iOS 7? Are you guys planning on a version that looks best with iOS 7 or one for previous iOS versions or both?

    Looking forward to using this.

  18. AJ
  19. David, we have some ideas. It’s a bit fluid right now. We’ll cross that bridge in the fall when iOS7 ships.

  20. typneun
  21. Good to hear!
    … and I‘m hoping you can use some of these things to update timecard!

  22. Alex
  23. Love using Billings, and have just signed up for Billings Pro Yearly. Two things that would be a HUGE help:

    1. Automatically generated project numbers. I can’t believe this isn’t already a feature, it’s so obvious.
    2. The ability to use custom invoice templates in the iOS apps. is this even on the horizon?


  24. AJ
  25. Thanks Alex! Feedback noted.

  26. Lee Wilson
  27. Billings pro customer using both the desktop and mobile version. I would like to test the ipad version.


  28. Charles
  29. It’s good news for billing pro users. What about Daylite in the cloud (or iCloud)?

    Any update?

  30. aj
  31. Charles, we’ve posted an update today.

  32. I have just moved to the Billings Pro Cloud service and love it. I have been user of Daylite as well and it is by far the best app of its kind. I am also looking forward to the Cloud version of Daylite.

    If I can be of assistance in beta testing the iPad version of Billings Pro, please let me know. BTW, I really appreciate that assistance provided by Rahim Damji in helping me move to the cloud version.

    Larry Kerschberg
    George Mason University

  33. John Evans
  34. I’ve been a Billings user for over 5 years now and have just upgraded to the Pro version, primarily due to Billings being discontinued. It’s a great product with nothing else coming close. The Pro version is well beyond my requirements as a freelance designer. But I have to agree with Alex, as something I requested well over three years ago was automatically generated project numbers. I was told that it would be considered for a future update and I’m still waiting. I thought maybe the Pro version would include it, but apparently not.

    I currently use a custom field to add my own job number, however this has to be added manually. It would be a huge improvement if this feature could be included. I’m sure Alex and I aren’t the only ones who would relish this feature!!!

    Kind regards

  35. Peter
  36. Would be great if we can use the same database file both on the Mac and iPad. I don’t carry a laptop anymore and I need to bill my clients on the spot. But I also want the full screen ability for regular monthly billing. Doesn’t need to be multi-user, just multi-device.

  37. I’m a Billings user for about 3 years now. Just moved to Billings Pro Cloud.
    If I can be of any assistance testing Billings for iPad then let me know. Currently I’m using Billings Pro my iMac, MacBook Pro and iPhone. I didn’t install the iPhone version on my iPad.
    Cheers and keep on the good work.

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