Top 20 Reasons We Love Working at Marketcircle

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In the 20 years that we’ve been in business, we’ve had many employees start their journeys with us and grow their careers over the years. It’s not uncommon for employees to stay at the company for 5, or even 10+ years. We’ve been deliberate about growing and cultivating our company culture so employees have autonomy, purpose, and get to work with great like-minded people.

top 20 reasons we love working at Marketcircle

Given that it’s our 20 year anniversary, we put together a top 20 list of reasons our employees love working here. After asking a number of people from various departments and roles, here’s our top 20 list of why we love working at Marketcircle:

1. Remote Work

There’s something magical about being able to work in your pajamas. Just ask Dharmesh Shah, CTO of HubSpot, who recently gave a talk at the Business of Software Conference in Boston where he identified a correlation between success and time spent in pajamas.

Dharmesh Shah at Business of Software Conference explaining the 'Pyjama Principle'

There’s a lot to love about working remotely. From the flexibility in schedule and location to get your work done to more quiet time to focus without the distractions of an office, our team loves being able to work remotely! Working remote also makes it possible to travel and work from different places all over the world.

“Working remote is an amazing opportunity. I love having some flexibility and autonomy over my schedule. We’re not always feeling productive, and it’s great to be able to adjust my schedule around when I’m most productive.”
– Michael, COO

2. Work/Life Balance

One of the benefits of working remotely is the ability to have a healthy work-life balance. By not having to commute, we have more time to spend with family, catch up with friends, as well as more time with our pets!

“As a mother of a young child, it helps to have the flexibility of remote work so I have a great balance of work and life. I can focus better at work, and I can spend more time with my family without wasting time on commuting.” – Alvina, Graphic Designer

3. Flexible Schedule

Even before we were a remote company, we encouraged a flexible work schedule. While there are certain times we’re needed to collaborate for various meetings, employees have a lot of flexibility in their schedules. We’ve found that some people are early birds and enjoy starting work at 7 am, whereas others are night owls and prefer to start working later, take breaks, and continue working into the wee hours of the night.

4. Career & Personal Development

Working for a small business often presents many opportunities for learning various areas of the business and wearing multiple hats. The opportunity to learn new things and develop new skills that help with both career development and just personal development, in general, has been one of the things that keep employees engaged at our company.

“I appreciate the ability to learn and grow both as a professional within the field, but also to expand my knowledge in other fields that play key roles in our business.”
– Ray, Customer Support Agent

5. Culture

Our core values are how we’ve built a strong company culture. To us, our core values aren’t just words or phrases that are hung up on the walls, they’re the guiding values we live by, how we make decisions, how we interact with each other, how we hire, and how we give praise.

Our core values are what make Marketcircle a fun and challenging place to work.

6. Diversity

We’re strong believers in building a diverse culture in the company that accepts people of all different backgrounds, religions, sexual orientations, and genders. Working at a company where everyone is the same is boring.

“I love working at Marketcircle because of the culture, diversity and flexibility. Also the great work/life balance.”
– Aprile, Customer Success Agent

7. Collaboration

Because teamwork and creativity are part of our core values, working at Marketcircle is a very collaborative place. Even though we’re working with people in different cities, countries, and even sometimes time-zones, we still have a very collaborative working style.

Whether it’s discussing ideas over Slack, adding ideas or notes to projects in Daylite, or commenting on pages in Confluence, there’s always space for people to share their ideas.

“Some of the reasons I love working at Marketcircle are how much career development and support I get to work on what I love, the consistent ability to have my ideas/feedback shared and even implemented, and definitely working remotely!”
– Emily, Customer Service Agent

8. People

One of the common things mentioned by employees about what they love about working at Marketcircle is the people. As a remote company, we’re deliberate about creating opportunities for people to connect and engage with each other so teamwork is part of our foundation.

“Marketcircle is such an amazing place to work because I feel like we have such a family feel. We are all so committed to the same goal of helping small businesses grow. We are so passionate about the same goal it makes brainstorming and aligning on a single mission easy since our end goal is aligned.”
– Megan, Customer Service Manager

If you want to build a positive work environment with people that jive, it starts with your core values.

9. Results Driven

Because we believe in giving employees autonomy over their work, we focus more on results and outcomes than we do outputs. It’s not about how many hours you work or how much you’re doing, it’s about the results you’re achieving from that work. We want our employees to be clear on expectations and what results they should be focused on achieving. So we have Scorecards for each role which include KPIs and core competencies required to hit those KPIs. Scorecards provide clarity for the employee, and are a tool for managers to coach and develop employees.

10. Growth Mindset

One of our most recently added core values is Kaizen which means continual improvement. Kaizen was part of our vocabulary for quite some time before we decided it made sense to make it one of our core values. We’re all about constantly learning and applying what we learn to continually improve.

“I love the team we have and I really enjoy working with them. Everyone is driven to grow, and looks for new challenges. I find working with likeminded people exciting and rewarding, and it helps me continue to challenge myself.”
– Michael, COO

11. Adaptability

In the same vein as continual improvement, we understand that for a business to thrive over the course of a few decades, it has to be adaptable. This all comes down to the people. If you’re flexible and able to challenge decisions, you can adjust and make changes so the business continues to evolve. Marketcircle was started in 1999 as a dot com, then turned into a consulting business, then a software company and since being a software company, has transitioned the business model to a recurring revenue model. If you want to grow your business, you need to adapt and evolve.

12. Alignment

A common challenge for a business over 10 employees in size is alignment. When you’re a small team under 10 people, everyone’s pretty closely aligned. You talk regularly and you’re aware of the company challenges and priorities. As you grow, this becomes more challenging. One of the things we’ve proud of is the deliberate work we’ve done to create alignment in the company.

We achieve this through a number of things such as monthly All Hands, quarterly themes, weekly email updates, as well as a monthly internal newsletter. This way we communicate and repeat regularly our top priorities so everyone is aligned. By having everyone aligned on our top most important things, people work together better and are able to make decisions on their own without being micromanaged.

For more info on how we improve communication to keep everyone aligned, check out our blog on How We’re Overcoming The Challenges of Working Remote.

13. Great Products

Creating a fun and positive work environment is great, but without a great product or service, the chances of your company staying in business over multiple decades are slim. One of the things our employees love about working at Marketcircle is that we love our products. We use Daylite to keep track of customers, tasks, projects, even our content calendar. And some of us even use Daylite and Billings Pro for our side-hustle.

Daylite tip: I wrote a blog here on How We Use Daylite To Manage Our Content Calendar.

“Daylite is amazing and does amazing things for many people in the SMB space. As a part owner of a small business myself, I have seen first hand the value that our product brings to teams ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks, that we’re on top of our tasks, and that we are always on the ball with our clients. Knowing that I get to benefit companies just like ours makes me happy.”
– Asim, Operations Manager

14. Purpose

One of the things employees mention about what they love about working at Marketcircle is the work itself. They see purpose in the work they do whether it’s building amazing software that helps small businesses worldwide or coaching people to develop their own personal skills and do meaningful work.

15. New Challenges

Working at a small business where you get to wear lots of hats and learn new things means there’s a never-ending supply of new challenges and new things to learn. For people that get bored easily and want to constantly be challenged, that’s definitely something you’ll find here at Marketcircle.

“Part of working for a small business is that there is always something new to do! I get to be the first point of contact for all our candidates, and any future employees we bring on to our team. I get to meet new people daily and build great relationships with amazing people around the world. I also get to plan logistics for team events, participate in strategic discussions, and many other fun and exciting things.”
– Asim, Operations Manager

16. Passion

Our team is full of passionate people. People passionate about design, passionate about growing and developing people, passionate about building amazing products, and most importantly – passionate about empowering small businesses.

17. Continual Learning

As mentioned above, Kaizen is one of our core values which means continual improvement. In order to improve and grow, you first need to learn. One of the things I love most about working at Marketcircle is the never-ending opportunity for learning new things, applying these learnings through experimentation, and honing skills.

18. Room to Fail

In order to grow and improve, you need room to fail. When you’re learning something new you need time to experiment, adjust, and keep improving. Things often don’t work out the first time you try. Giving people room to fail and encouraging people to fail fast and learn is what’s helped us develop a culture of continual improvement. Mistakes are only mistakes if you don’t learn from them.

“We are growing and it’s an exciting time to be working here.  We are willing to adapt to work in a way that makes us grow faster.  We are willing to learn from our mistakes and change up processes when they don’t work anymore.”
– Matt N., Customer Success Agent

19. Autonomy

We’re strong believers in autonomy. We focus more on outcomes than the outputs. For any problem there are likely multiple ways of solving it. That’s why we’re focused on results and have scorecards with KPIs. This gives the team autonomy over how, when, and where they work which is especially important in a remote work environment.

20. Rewarding

From helping small businesses across the globe be more organized and productive, to making a positive impact on someone’s life by helping them grow and develop their personal and professional skills, one of the common things mentioned by employees was how rewarding the work is that they do at Marketcircle. As they say, find a job you love and never work a day in your life!

To stay on top of all the places our employees are working from, team-building events, and more – check out our Marketcircle Instagram page!

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