Tips for Time Tracking with Billings Pro on Your iPhone

Quick Tips / February 26, 2016 / Kristie

Being able to track time while you’re on the go is key to tracking time accurately for your clients and projects. With the new iPhone UI in Billings Pro it’s just as easy to manage invoices and estimates as it is to track your time and expenses.


Manage Time & Expenses from the Home Screen

On top of being able to spot overdue invoices, create quotes from scratch, and scroll through recent projects all from the iPhone Home Screen, you can also start a new timer or create a new expense or mileage slip right when you launch the app.

From the bottom left corner of the iPhone Home Screen you can tap “+ Slip” to start a new slip for tracking mileage, adding an expense, or even using a Blueprint for a frequently used slip.


You can also access your recent time slips in one tap from the Home Screen. In the bottom right corner, tap the “Timer” button and this will give you the option to choose a recent timed slip, or create a brand new one by tapping the “+” button. For a new timed slip, after entering in your rate and time, you can tap “More” and then “Create in” to assign it to an existing project.


Managing Timers from a Project

Another way to manage your timers, expenses, and flat rate slips is from the project. From the Billings Pro iPhone Home Screen you can scroll through your recent projects then tap on one to jump to it. From the project, you can quickly start a new timer, expense slip, and more simply by tapping the “+” button in the top right corner. After entering in the details and saving it, this slip will automatically be tied to the project.


If you need to reference a project, you can scroll through your recent projects from the Home Screen of Billings Pro on your iPhone, or tap the “Projects” header to jump to a list of all your projects. You can sort your projects in this list alphabetically, by status (active, completed, etc.) or by due date.


Jump back to the Home Screen

Whether you’re viewing a project, invoice, client, or estimate in Billings Pro on your iPhone, you can jump back to the Home Screen just by tapping in the top left corner. This makes it easy to navigate through the app so you can quickly get from finishing a time slip to whipping up an invoice from scratch.

Check your billable time

With the additions to the Activity Graph, from the bottom of the Home Screen you can see right down to the second how much time you’ve tracked over the last 14 days, and see the total billable amount right down to the penny. The additional week allows you to compare your billable time from this week to last at–a–glance.


Manage Timers in One Swipe with the Today Widget

If you’re really looking for a way to quickly manage your timers in Billings Pro, the fastest way is to use the Today Widget in the Notification Centre on your iPhone. One swipe down reveals the Today Widget where you’ll see up to 5 of your recent timers in Billings Pro. Here you can pause, resume, or finish a timer in just one tap. If you need to add additional details or comments to the timer, you can jump to it in Billings Pro by tapping on that specific timer.

Watch this video to learn how to add the Billings Pro Today Widget in your Notification Centre, and to see how easy it is to manage your timers here.


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