Say hello to Marketcircle at Macworld/iWorld 2012

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marketcircle macworld 2012

Once again we were speculating about exhibiting at Macworld, but after some thought we decided we just can’t give up the face-to-face opportunity with all the people we meet with – the customers, prospects, and other software developers.

This year, we’ll be showcasing our latest product, Billings Pro with Marketcircle Cloud, as well as our award-winning Daylite and Billings products.

So please come support the show and stop by our booth to say hello. We’ll be in the Mac OS X Zone, at booth #228.

The show is taking place from January 26th – 28th, 2012, and is located at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Visit the Macworld Expo website for show hours and specific location.

Oh, and if you’d like a free pass, visit this Macworld Expo link and fill in your details. We only have a hundred free passes, so grab them quickly!

^ all the passes have been given away

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  1. And, oh yeah, I guess ‘Daylite’ too. Man, that program is just not even an afterthought anymore. That’s why I’ve moved.

  2. @Andy

    While I can totally understand where you’re coming from (based on what you see), this is definitely not true.

    We’re working on Daylite all of the time, and have never dropped our focus on it. While we haven’t released anything Daylite related super recently, it doesn’t mean we aren’t working (hard) on it.

  3. Jack
  4. I have tried many PIM on the Mac platform since Daylite 2.0 and it is still the best one.
    Having said that, it has been awfully quiet for the last few months.

    One can assume that the next upgrade is going to be huge, but there has been not enough engagement with the users on the future of Daylite. To my knowledge, in the user forums we have had no input or Q&A on the changes we would like to see.

  5. Phil
  6. It’s in our nature as consumers (even worse – business consumers) to moan and be upset about things not being delivered quickly enough as well as finding every last detail that doesn’t suit our exact needs and making it know.

    It’s better to keep tight lips and not disappoint than the blab and become an underachiever type of company if something doesn’t go as planned. Taking a cue from Apple is not a bad idea, especially when you will never completely be able to satisfy everyone.

    With that in mind, I’m sure Daylite 4 will be awesome and I am excited for it. Good luck at Macworld and keep up the solid work.

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  8. Yeah …

    We are thinking about moving on — all of the time, but there’s not many alternatives for the moment. iCal server + Flow is what we are looking at for the moment. We are only a small team, and we are not happy with DL as it is. Sooo outdated in terms of UI design.

    Marketcircle have not been responsive: I wanted to know whether they are shutting down, going broke, or still working on developing an improved version of Daylite, but have not heard back.



  9. AJ
  10. Serge,

    We are definitely not shutting down. While we haven’t had much news on the Daylite front, we have had news on the Billings Pro + Cloud front. As Ryan said, we are working hard on Daylite, I can assure you.

  11. Frank Furgiuele
  12. Any chance of a surprise announcement with any new features for Daylite? a simple Yes/No would be nice.

  13. @Frank

    We don’t have any surprise announcements to make today (or tomorrow), but please stay tuned on our Blog/Twitter 😉

  14. Frank Furgiuele
  15. Come on Ryan…give us a hint…soon?

  16. @Frank

    Sorry if my comment sounded like a teaser of some sort – I just meant that we’re not announcing something right now (aka at Macworld), and that following our blog/twitter is the best way to hear when we do.

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