Now offering tutorial videos for Daylite & Billings Pro

Our Company / February 13, 2013 / Admin

We’ve decided to shift gears and really focus on educating customers and potential customers about how to work with our applications. With this in mind, we’ve created a videos page for both Daylite and Billings Pro.

You can select from a variety of educational videos such as set-up, introducing the applications into your workflow as well as tips & tricks.

We’re always open to video suggestions, so please leave a comment under this post or email info at with your request.

The Marketcircle Team 🙂

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  1. Always appreciate the Daylite tutorial videos. Great to know more are on the way.

    I do find it strange though that this post doesn’t link to the videos page. Is it your hope that I will now start to search through the site and hopefully stumble upon the videos?

  2. Emily Rudow
  3. @Matt Thanks for pointing that out. I updated the post and made both the Daylite & Billings Pro video pages linkable.

  4. Gersch
  5. Would love to see in depth Merge and Letters features. =)

  6. The videos are great! Can you please slow down the delivery and the pointer movement please.

    Thank you.

  7. Dick Vossier comment is spot on. The video tutorials are well done, and the “announcer” instills confidence but a bit too fast. In any event, could not seem to find from any of the videos as to whether I can assign tasks from an email to someone one else on the team. Can i?

  8. Emily Rudow
  9. @Bruce MacNaughton Thanks for the feedback Bruce. Yes you can assign a task from an email to someone else on the team. It’s a Daylite Mail Assistant feature. You just need to create a task from the DMA window and use the delegate button to decide which user you want to assign the task to. If you have any additional questions please email info at

  10. Paul Reynolds
  11. I can’t follow a thing this guy is doing. As a new user to Daylite 4 I am probably the target demographic for these videos and I’ve found them virtually useless. Would absolutely love to see tutorials with a narrator that explains the various actions at about 1/4 the speed. Seems like a lot of explanation is breezed over or skipped altogether in these.

    Production on these looks great! Just wish they were more useful.

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