New in Daylite: Stay in Touch with FaceTime

Product Updates / August 12, 2020 / Emily

Now more than ever, getting in touch with your leads and clients is crucial! If you want to stay top of mind, close more deals, and consistently follow up, you need a quick way to get in touch.

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A new way to reach out

To make this transition easier, we’ve added the ability to start FaceTime or iMessage from a Contact Card by clicking on the Contact’s phone number. Make your follow-up system even more efficient with just a few clicks!

Simply click on the phone number label to see the menu dropdown and select either FaceTime or Message to make a call or start a new message.

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Daylite has other ways to keep you top of mind, too!

Capture details after you make a call

If you make a lot of calls on your iPhone, you can take advantage of call-logging. Daylite prompts you after the call to log the details, so you don’t forget to jot down the important things you discussed.

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  1. Open Daylite on your iPhone
  2. Go to Contacts in Daylite & search for the contact
  3. Tap the phone number you want to call & make your call
  4. Once the call ends you will see:
  5. Tap Record Time to create an outbound call task and record all the specific details needed
  6. Once saved, tap New Followup to make any follow-up tasks that have resulted from the call

Take it to the next level

If phone calls are a large part of your business, you can log every call directly in Daylite and send mass text messages to your clients with iOSXpert’s add-on Fone&Text. Fone&Text supports several different telephone systems and helps you log call times, take notes, and create tasks.

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If you want more ways to reach out, read How to Stay in Touch With Clients Remotely Using Daylite, and for daily tips to help you stay top of mind with your leads and clients, follow @dayliteapp on Instagram!

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