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Product Updates / March 16, 2012 / Ryan

The folks at iOSXpert have just released a plugin that lets you send contacts and groups directly from Daylite to MailChimp.

mailchimp crm plugin daylite

The plugin creates a new group in Daylite to which you can add contacts via drag and drop. With the simple press of a button you can then upload the list to MailChimp, and from there, send a new campaign to your subscribers.

Unsubscribers will be removed from the Daylite group automatically too!

To learn more about the MailChimp plugin, please visit the iOSXpert website (which is now also available in English).

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  1. Excellent will try it today.

  2. Mike
  3. …but its a bit pricey isn’t it

  4. Whilst this is great that iOSXpert have created this plug-in, it is pricey – especially when you consider that most online CRM systems (Highrise, Capsule, Batchbook) all have integration built in to their systems FOR FREE!

  5. Hi Mr. Smithson,

    We at iOSXpert are professional third-party developers and, as is the case with almost all things, the development of such plugins generates costs, which we -unfortunately- have to recoup somehow.

    If we didn’t we would not be able to bring you such great plugins such as MailChimp or even WebConnector.

    I suggest you give it a try nonetheless (we offer a 14-day-trial as with most of our plugins) and see how comfortable it is, managing your email campaigns from within Daylite.

    Regards from Germany,

    Jan Wambach
    iOSXpert staff

  6. Chia
  7. Hi there,

    I’m glad someone has finally made this. But it needs more functionality. Can you make it work with lists?


  8. Emily Rudow
  9. @Chia It is possible to make MailChimp work with groups. Please see our forum posts at or open a support ticket Thanks.

  10. Chia
  11. I actually meant ‘Groups’ not ‘Lists’.

  12. Chia
  13. @Emily Rudow – Thanks for the response. I feel like it may have been ages ago but I never got notified so am going to look more into this now! Hopefully there’s a good enough solution out there because I’ve just about had enough of bad compatibility between Daylite and Mailchimp! Mailchimp is one of the most popular solutions for email marketing and most of the cloud CRMs sync with it…

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