Interview with Photographer Jim Jordan

Our Customers / January 13, 2012 / Ryan

Pictage recently did an interview entitled “Inside Jim Jordan’s Black Box.” with a well known photographer that also happens to be a Daylite user.

In the interview Jim discusses his transition from working as a celebrity hair and makeup artist into building a very successful photography business.

He attributes a good deal of his success to building solid relationships, something Daylite helped him achieve.

I built my professional network through relationships with the talent I worked with, and by using an online database called “Adbase” to find clients. This database helped me identify contacts at the biggest companies and agencies, and then enabled me to make new connections that I wouldn’t have otherwise found. I organized these contacts in my personal database that I customized using “Daylite” by Marketcircle.

Jim’s also featured in a Daylite photography case study on our website, where he goes more in depth about his Daylite usage.

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  1. It’s sad that Marketcircle has had so little to offer for the basic Daylite/Billings user is so long that the only thing we ever hear about on their blog are vaguely relevant stories.

    In more than 4 years as a Daylite user who has no interest in mobile apps and other peripherals, they have not really added any additional functionality to a great program. Hard to believe we still can’t copy and past an event in a calendar from one day to another, for example.

    Ah, patience. I am reminded on this weekend celebrating the life of Martin Luther King jr.that change is often slow.

  2. AJ
  3. There is indeed a tension as to where to invest between desktop and mobile. I think you can see that industry wide when it comes to business related apps. There will be more mobile/tablet users than desktop users – it’s a given. Steve Jobs’ car/truck analogy will become real (if it hasn’t already).

    Having said that, we haven’t forgotten that the economy can’t work without trucks. We’ve proven that with what we’ve done with Billings Pro + Cloud – and we’ll prove it again.

  4. Not Happy
  5. As a business owner, I just cannot justify investing in a product that is not actively maintained. Over the years, I have sent in numerous feature requests and bug reports with accompanying screenshots and detailed descriptions (stuff that takes up my time, which I am willing to contribute because I would like to see this product improved).

    Yet every time I ask for an ETA on Daylite 4.0 all I get back is lip service. It’s just downright infuriating that these people have so little respect for their customers.

  6. AJ
  7. I know that it may seem like we aren’t listening, but we are. You just can’t see the results of that yet.
    As I mentioned elsewhere, sometimes you have to batten down the hatches in order to make some good progress. We’ve been quiet on the Daylite front specifically because of this.

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