How to Organize & Share Project Details & Files in Daylite While Working Remotely

Quick Tips / April 23, 2020 / Emily

In our previous post, How to Track Project Milestones with Daylite While Working Remotely, you learned how to map out your overall plan. Now you’ll learn how to keep track of all the small details even when you’re all working from home.

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Whether files, notes, or online links, a project can generate a lot of documents. When you’re collaborating with a team, everyone should be able to access and view what they need to, regardless of where they are. No more scrambling to find a missing file!

Link a file to almost anything in Daylite – a task, a note, the project itself – and for collaborating teams, using Dropbox or other file sharing services is a great way to make any document visible to everyone!

Google Docs:

For details steps, check out how to add your file to a Project. Once you’ve added your file to Daylite, you will see it appear in the Activity View of the Project.

Double-click the file from the Activity View to open the file – anyone on your team and view and edit the file.


You can follow the same process with Dropbox.

You and your team can work on the file right within Daylite.

A lot of conversations happen over email. Instead of trying to search your inbox for your interactions, link them to the Project so you can easily keep track of discussions, updates, and decisions right in the Activity View.

daylite mac crm apple mail email integration

Learn how to process your emails faster and make finding emails easier with Apple Mail and Daylite Mail Assistant.

daylite mac crm apple mail email integration

4. Organize Project details with Forms:

Organize Project details and requirements in one place with Forms. For example, you may have the outline details or scope of a Project from your initial client intake questionnaire – you’ll want to organize these details and have them linked to the Project so you can reference them throughout. By using Forms, you can standardize your intake questions and keep track of answers.

Link your Form to your phone call task, client, and Project itself.

daylite mac crm forms web forms

Learn how to create custom Forms to keep important details in one place.

You have many virtual meetings with your team or phone calls with a client where decisions are made and action items are discussed. If you don’t record these items and make them accessible to the team, these decisions and/or action items get lost, resulting in duplicate work, wasted time, and wrong or forgotten steps.

Use Notes to jot down any conversation details that happen over the phone with a client or in a virtual team meeting and link the Note to the Project.

daylite mac crm notes

‼️Pro Tip: See Linking with Daylite in action to keep everything in one place.

With this workflow, you can keep everything in one place and eliminate wasting time on chasing after files, forgetting what was discussed with your team or client, and jumping between apps, folders, and emails to know where you’re at. To make working remotely even easier, try some of the tips we’ve learned in 10 years of being a remote-first company. In our next post, we’ll walk you through staying on top of all the tasks a project can generate, regardless of who’s doing what!

For more tips on managing a remote team, check out our YouTube video, Managing Remote Teams, and subscribe to our channel!

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