How to Integrate Dropbox and Daylite Projects

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Using cloud storage to share files amongst team members has become fairly common in recent years. Dropbox has become a popular option for cloud storage by making their product so simple that you eventually stop thinking about whether your files have sync’d and just use it like any other folder on your computer. If you haven’t used Dropbox yet, go sign up for a free trial account now. It’s okay, we’ll wait…

An easy way to integrate a Daylite Project and Dropbox together is by using file references that point to a project files folder stored on your Dropbox.

Optionally, this folder can be shared with other team members too*. With file references, you can point to either a local file, or a website URL. We’ll use a URL in this case, so that no matter which team member clicks on the file reference, it will take them to the correct folder. This same technique will work with other cloud storage providers such as box, that can give you a web URL.

We’ve made a 60 second video that shows how this works:

* Check out the Dropbox help site for more info on how to share a project.

If you use the Projects feature in Daylite and are interested in learning more about how to use Dropbox within your current workflow or have any questions on this topic, we are hosting a Webinar on February 7th at 4 PM EST that will be focussed on how to become more efficient in tracking projects using Daylite. Register here to save your spot.


Due to demand, we’ve added a second session and have made it earlier in the day to accommodate our European friends. Please Register Here to save your spot.

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  1. You know, I really should be using file references, but I hardly ever think to. So simple, and so obvious.

  2. Angela Hosie
  3. Hi
    We are a UK-based company using both Daylite and Dropbox as an integral part of data and task management and are fans of both systems.

    The Webinar on 7 Feb sounds very useful but differential time-zone means I will not be able to participate – is it going to be available as a recording afterwards ?

    Many thanks

  4. Nice feature but, MC touts the universality of the iPad yet still hasn’t integrated accessing this feature Activity and forms etc., using Daylite Touch. When is that coming ?

  5. @Angela

    We’re looking into either recording the webinar or offering some alternative date/time options. We’ll post something on this blog post as soon as we know which way we’re going with it.

    Thanks for the interest! 🙂

  6. Due to demand, we’ve added a second session and have made it earlier in the day to accommodate our European friends.

    Please register to save your spot:

  7. Evernote works brilliantly in this way also… This also allows you to sync files across machines, and also works with offline Daylite database on my mac that have Evernote on to. Big fan of Dropbox, but for mid to long term archiving of referenced file, Evernote is awesome.

  8. Not sure that this is going to be much use for DL users yet. It’s great that you can put a reference to a web link, but then it takes you to a website where you then have to download, say, a word document in order to make changes to it. Then when it’s saved you then have to reference where it’s saved on your local dropbox in order to replace that file with the edited version. How is this going to improve productivity?

    I haven’t tried it yet, but if you’re referencing a link to a file in your dropbox directory, if other users have their daylite in the same location (user > Dropbox > shared folder) wouldn’t links to that file create a local link for other users? If not would moving the Dropbox folder to the root directory (Mac HDD) make it possible?



  9. Rob
  10. I’ve got to support Gary on this one. I ditched using MacBooks in the field in favor of IPads for myself and the team, the only part of our workflow that doesn’t run smoothly is daylite – DT really needs more work guys.
    As for the webinar, recording it is the way forward. We’re in Malaysia so are sure to miss out.

  11. I missed the Dropbox Webinar.
    When would this be available in Market Circle Tutorials ?

  12. Rankin
  13. I agree with Rob, we need more Daylite development!

    One thing that would take Daylite to a whole bother level is:
    1. Integrate (or at least link to Evernote) *
    2. Pass code feature option upon opening app on DLT
    3. UI update for Daylite Desktop – looking very very old now

    * if not let us scan, handwritten and capture photos into notes – so we can get rid of paper!!!

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