Daylite Version 4.0.6 is Now Available

Product Updates / September 17, 2012 / Admin

We are excited to announce that the latest versions of Daylite 4.0.6 & Daylite Server 4.0.6  are now available. Daylite Mail Assistant remains unchanged.

Version 4.0.6 brings several enhanced features, addresses numerous bugs & crashes.

The complete Release Notes can be found in the Knowledge Base.

You can update at the Mac App Store.

All existing users on the mailing list will receive an email with instructions on how to download and install Daylite Server. If you’re not on the mailing list you can visit the Get Daylite Page and sign up.

The Marketcircle Team 🙂

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  1. When will add-ons for accounting packages become available? We are holding of our purchasing of the product until these are released.

  2. Emily Rudow
  3. @Sebastiam Monroe What add-ons more specifically are you referring to?

  4. Update of Daylite Server Admin to release 4.06 works without problems.

    The update to Daylite 4.06 at the Mac App Store doesn’t work.

    There is shown the possibility to update, but than comes the message (in German language) “There are updates for another account available, login with the account, you have used to buy the software.”

    There is no other account…

  5. Emily Rudow
  6. @Klaus You can try removing Daylite from the computer and then attempt to redownload from the App store. Otherwise we recommend contacting Apple support to find out why your purchase is being reflected under another account.

    You can contact the App store support via email here:

  7. Kate
  8. How do I get the update if I didn’t purchase the software through the App store? It’s asking me if I want to purchase it.

  9. Emily Rudow
  10. @Kate The prompt to “buy” is actually a prompt to “update” as the application is a free download.

    If you would like to proceed and update to the Mac App Store version of Daylite 4.0.6, please follow the steps below:

    – Quit Daylite 4
    – Sign in to the Mac App Store by selecting Store -> Sign In
    – Perform a search for Daylite 4
    – Click “Install”
    – Click “Buy”
    – When the application has downloaded, launch Daylite.

    Please note that the official Daylite 4 release and updates are available from the Mac App Store which are always free. If you install a beta update from the Daylite website, the Mac App store is not updated with this information. Because of this, when the Mac App Store checks what version you have, it sees you have the latest version already installed but not from the Store itself. Many applications that are sold on the Mac App Store, are sold from other store fronts and to be ensure no mistake is made, you are warned that this is something you already have, and you may be buying it twice. In this case you are not paying for it twice because the Daylite application is free. Simply put, to update the Mac App Store that you have the latest version of Daylite installed, you will need to download the official Daylite release from the Mac App Store.

  11. Julio
  12. Still trapped between Mountain Lion beta condition of Daylite 3 and bugs on Daylite 4 that do no allow me to upgrade either. Yet this version did not correct it.

    Daylite 4 can not handle typing accented characters properly. Typing was implemented in a way like no other Mac app I know of. For a Spanish speaking customer like me this is simply a no go for version 4. Now that I am forced to go Mountain I will have to move out of Daylite for good.

    Any solutions?

  13. Emily Rudow
  14. @Julio Accented characters have been addressed in the 4.1 release. There is a beta available here:
    If you’re already on that build, and are still having issues with these characters, please open a support ticket so that we can log a bug and address the issue as required. Thanks 🙂

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