Daylite Version 4.0.3 Released This Morning

Product Updates / June 27, 2012 / Admin

The latest version of Daylite 4.0.3, Daylite Server 4.0.3 & Daylite Mail Assistant 4.0.3 are now available.

4.0.3 brings enhanced features, addresses numerous bugs & crashes.

The complete Release Notes can be found in the Knowledge Base.

You can easily update Daylite directly from the Mac App Store. This version is awesome, so go download it now 🙂

All existing users on the mailing list will receive an email with instructions on how to download and install Daylite Server & Daylite Mail Assistant. If you’re not on the mailing list you can visit the Get Daylite Page and sign up.

The Marketcircle Team

No Responses to “Daylite Version 4.0.3 Released This Morning”

  1. The mailing list right now is linked to older downloads: DL Server 4.0.2, DMA 4.0.1

  2. Emily Rudow
  3. @Rob We are sending new emails out with updated 4.0.3 download links.

  4. Chuck Coxhead
  5. C’mon. Put the links on your web site. DL Server and DMA are essential parts of the Daylite system. Why aren’t the links to these readily available?

    The user experience needs to be simple and intuitive if DL is to grow and thrive. Being so cryptic is just counter-productive for Marketcircle and its Users.

  6. Emily Rudow
  7. @Chuck The links are up on the website. You can download the latest versions of DL server and DMA at

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