Real Estate CRM for the Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

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Like many other businesses, working in real estate is largely about managing information about the people you do business with. Having a tool that works on your Mac and iPhone while integrating with your email can be a real benefit to your real estate practice.

As you go through your week, taking calls from people actively looking for an agent, hearing about potential referrals from existing clients, or even making small talk with someone at a party, you are mentally collecting details about all those prospects. Details which, in the short term, are easy to manage, but as time marches forward, will naturally fade as you move on to other more promising sales. Having a place to collect and track all of these details though, can be super valuable when you come across a listing that you have this vague memory of talking to someone looking for something exactly like it. Daylite can be configured to manage all of these details and give you easy ways of finding people who match those preferences later on.

Keep track of who you know.

Create Smart Lists to see people interested in certain types of houses, or who are looking for something in a few particular neighborhoods or any other kind of info that could help you find a buyer in the future. Daylite can create lists that are always up to date for things like your active buyers, your current sellers, people who are your suppliers, like lawyers, accountants, etc. or people who have certain hobbies or really based on any of the metadata about your contacts.

Or filter for people you’ve assigned a keyword that shows their interest in: certain neighborhoods, number of bedrooms, what type of dwelling (house, condo, cottage, apt). Whatever info you’ve tracked for each of your clients and potential clients can be found easily. Looking for someone to buy that 2 bedroom bungalow fixer upper just listed? A quick search in your database can check to see if any of your contacts are looking for such a house.

Organize your sales pipeline so you don’t miss a thing.

Show closing dates or important milestones on your calendar. Create those appointments while looking at your Opportunity view of the sale. That way whether you are looking at the Opportunity view or your traditional calendar view, you see the same deadlines.

Also, all of this info is available on Daylite Touch for iPhone and iPad. When you’re looking at your appointments out of the office, easily tap through to see the linked details for the sale before you walk into a meeting.

example real estate pipelineYou can also create visual pipelines to let you see the status of the sale for each Opportunity you’re tracking. Pipelines are completely customizable to suit your current workflow. Create tasks in the same window when you’re brainstorming what needs doing to close a sale. Stay on top of your game and don’t let anything slip through the cracks.

Use Forms to capture info about new buyers.

Real estate buyer form for DayliteWhen you get a new prospect, create a new form to easily input some standard “get to know you” type questions you’d ask all new clients.

Check boxes for each neighbourhood they’d consider, select what type of home they’re looking for and their budget for it. Mark down when they might be ready for potential visits and record any other quick notes you might have.

Create as many customized forms as you’d like and link them to people you’ve met who were potentially thinking about certain kinds of real estate decisions.

That’s just a few of the many things that Daylite does to help real estate professionals. And when you’re ready to grow, Daylite is multi-user so your new assistant has all the info they need.


Sign up for a webinar to learn more about:

  • Creating Forms to help qualify customers
  • Filtering for certain types of buyers using Keywords
  • Using opportunities to manage listings
  • Web references to link to MLS pages
  • A chance to have your  questions answered by Marketcircle partners experienced in real estate workflows.

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  1. I’ve been working in Real Estate for 7 years now and using Daylite for 6 years and I’m always adding new ways to be more effective using Daylite. My clients are impressed by the fact that I don’t miss birthdays, anniversaries or when they purchased a home. I’m also able to locate vendors very quickly to fill their needs. Daylite makes it easy to track and monitor my 3,000+ contacts.

  2. Roland Estrada
  3. I love Daylite. I’m wondering if the forms transfer over to Daylite touch.

  4. @Roland, unfortunately forms do not transfer over to Daylite Touch.

    Being able to view form data on Daylite Touch was a popular request from our clients, so we had Eric O’Connell
    (Marketcircle Master Partner and Reporting Guru) develop a custom PlugIn that would convert forms into notes.

    Eric was nice enough to make his PlugIn public.

    Click the link below to download the PlugIn

  5. How does one activate this “forms to note plug-in” in Daylite.
    Any instructions?

  6. TR
  7. Im a single real estate agent that uses daylite on my laptop. Is there anyway for me to sync up day lite touch on my iPad without having a server. It’d be a huge advantage to have my info in the field and then be able to sync up changes back and forth by connecting my iPad to the computer.. Being a single user the server is overkill as I am the only one updating and changing my data I’d just like a way to use day lite touch in an easier manner.

  8. I’m a financial planner who runs my business on Daylite. One issue in regards to the forms is finding a way to generate reports from the fields in the custom forms. I have not being able to figure out how to do this. If anyone can pass on some tips, they would be appreciated.

  9. Hi TR,
    I started off as a single agent like you and liked what I saw on Daylite Touch so I converted to Server based and I loved it. It’s worth it, you can run the server app on the same system as your Daylite, it runs in the background. Or you can pick up a mini and use that (direction I went recently), there are lots of possibility (Marketcircle hosted, co-hosted, share with someone that has one (I share with a Staging company), etc). Having the touch on iPad and iPhone are so worth it!

  10. Roland Estrada
  11. @Jani, thank you. That’s pretty cool.

  12. Ditto Craig. I got Daylite consultant Matthew Bookspan at BlackTip IT to set me up. I love having it on server, I am able to share and sync with my iMac, MB Pro, and iPhone.

    My question – when will you have more classes, and will that plugin work for WordPress or other forms? I get customers that fill out contact forms on WordPress and a MLS – IDX form and I would like them to be pulled into Daylite instead of me having to key them in. Can this work? Thanks!

  13. Good share! I hope more people will discover your blog because you really know what you’re talking about. Can’t wait to read more from you

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