Damon Chetson Recommends Daylite 4 to Small Law Firms

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Damon Chetson, Criminal Lawyer at The Chetson Firm,PLLC reviews Daylite 4:

As a practicing criminal defense lawyer, I would highly recommend Daylite 4 to solo practitioners and small to medium-sized firms who are Mac-based. (And if you’re not Mac-based, why not?) I’d also think Daylite 4 would be an excellent solution in medical offices, accounting practices, and other service-oriented professional offices

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    John Stapleton
  1. Daylite 4 removed the templates to print names and addresses, so if you do any mailings you will need another database or something.

  2. Emily Rudow
  3. @John Stapleton One of our partners from Blue Rock Mac released a few templates:
    free Daylite 4 People #10 envelope template, formatted US stylehttp://t.co/gC3TqEP0
    free Daylite 4 People 5960 label template, formatted US stylehttp://t.co/yfcQi9Po

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