Customer Segmentation with Daylite

Quick Tips / January 29, 2015 / Kristie

With everyone being bombarded with emails on a regular basis it becomes even more important to speak directly to your customers. People don’t want to be spoken to as if they are all the same. This is why it is so important to segment your customers. Customer segmentation allows you to group your customers by common problems, demographics, buying habits, interests, etc. This way you can send targeted emails that are more likely to peak their interest.

Customer Segmentation

One way of segmenting your customers in Daylite is by using Categories and Keywords, then filtering to create Smart Lists.
First, we need to understand the best practices for using Categories and Keywords in Daylite. Categories are the “big buckets” that you group people into. For example, your Leads, Clients, Vendors, Employees, and so on.

Keywords are ways of “tagging” people and companies. While you can only assign one Category to a person/company, you can tag people/companies with multiple Keywords. For example, you may tag your Clients with Keywords specific to products or services they are interested in or have purchased from you before. You can also use Keywords to tag people by their interests or hobbies. As a photographer that does family portraits and photo shoot with pets, you can tag Leads and Clients with the Keyword “Parent” or “Pet Owner”.

Using these Categories and Keywords, you can filter your customers in Daylite and save these segmented groups as a Smart Lists. That way you have a segment of customers based on similar interests so you can send them specific emails that address these interests. Smart Lists are auto-updated lists so as you add new customers to your database, your lists will automatically update.

How it Looks in Daylite

Let’s say you’re a photographer and you want to convert some hot leads into paying clients. You want to offer a special promotion to people who book their first photo shoot with you. You’ve been tagging your contacts with “Pet Owner” to keep track of your leads and clients that have pets, and may be interested in photographing them. You could send an email blast about about a promotional offer to book their first photo shoot with you for their pets. To create this segment in Daylite you can filter all contacts with the Category “Lead- Hot” and the Keyword “Pet Owner”.

customer segmentation1

Now you have a targeted list of leads that have never booked a photo shoot with you that also have pets and may be interested in booking a photo shoot for their favourite furry friend.

This strategy can be used in various ways for all sorts of industries. The more data you capture in Daylite, the more options you have for segmenting your customers.

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