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Our Company / December 21, 2012 / Alykhan Jetha

As you know, we are really excited about our upcoming cloud offering for Daylite. The same beautiful, native application without the worries of networking or a server, giving you the best of both worlds. We’ve been working hard at it but we’re not happy with the performance as of yet.

We’ve learnt a lot about cloud infrastructure this past year and the challenges it poses. We are applying those lessons in the app, the backend infrastructure (you won’t notice most of these) and operationally. For example, our response times to Billings Pro Cloud issues have been under an average of 10 minutes during business hours and the frequency of issues has significantly dropped with Billings Pro 1.6 (which unfortunately has not been approved for the Mac App Store yet, but is available on our site).

We’ll post another status update towards the end of the first quarter 2013.

Many people have asked if they will be able to migrate from self serve to cloud when it becomes available. The answer is a definite yes, we will provide a migration to cloud. The details of the migration will be released as the time gets closer. We’ll also apply a loyalty break for existing customers that opt to migrate to the cloud.

We are really excited about this and want to get it out asap, but we can’t rush it too much.

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  1. Thank you for the information about the Cloud.
    I am so excited to use the Cloud in my Daylite.
    Congratulations for the development.
    Thank you

  2. Yaphet
  3. Thanks for the update, keep them coming as this is what I’m waiting on to make a purchase. I really like Daylite 4 and looking forward to using the program in my workflow.

  4. Marco
  5. I am also waiting to do the purchase. But it is the best suite for organizing. For more detailed projects, the cowork with Merlin is great. Thanks!

    I hope, the cloud is coming soon;-)

  6. Chris Matthews
  7. Go, go, go – need this cloud product yesterday!

  8. I am really looking forward to the cloud version. Please, give this a special attention.

    Thank you! Regards

  9. Emily Rudow
  10. @Rafael We are giving the cloud version a lot of attention to push it out as soon as possible.

  11. Very excited about this. Can you send this out in an email? I rarely come to your site to check the status, I’m working too much and I work in the field, not an office; don’t have time to be on the web! I’m trying to build a mighty empire, not play on the internet! This is also why we need this service so badly. I’ve always struggled with syncing issues and issues with static IP addresses and whatnot, I’m not a techy guy, I just want the stuff to work. I agree with C Matthews, I need this yesterday!!

    Thanks MC, love your service and business, and what you provide.

  12. Emily Rudow
  13. @Danny You can sign up for email updates on cloud here

  14. Will contacts on iPhone be the default application when say for example I want to send a new email, will it pull from Daylite and not address book ?. When a new call comes in will I be able to add that contact to daylite and not address book ? Same with other features like calendar and iPhones Siri to add a reminder / task – will it record on Daylite and not on iPhones default apps ????

  15. Emily Rudow
  16. @Neil There are others who have been asking for this same feature, and as such it has been logged. I will add your name to the bug number.

  17. Chris Matthews
  18. Please, please, please move faster on the cloud roll out. Colleagues here want to switch to a different product because of difficulties with Daylite not being cloud based, and there’s a sense that we hear next to nothing about progress, with no sense of what the overall timescale is. How long is it going to take? A year? Two? Three months? An update “this quarter” seems pretty vague and if it leads to nothing more than another update next quarter, there will be a lot of very unhappy user around….You have a great product here and I’d hate to lose it, but the pace of developing your cloud system seems – to us non-technical people – to be glacier slow.

  19. AJ
  20. @Chris
    Trust me when I say that I want Cloud as soon as you do, if not sooner! We have to be careful though. If we rush it, we’ll fall flat on our faces and you’ll be even more upset. This stuff is very complex (scaling) and we need to make sure we have the right foundation. We’ve learned a lot of lessons with Billings Pro and we are applying those lessons here. We have to remember that Daylite is many many many more times complex than Billings Pro. We are working as hard and as fast as we can on this. I assure you.

  21. I am in my final week of your Daylite 4 demo and I am ready to buy. You have e best CRM system I have seen for Mac users and I am looking forward to using it and learning more. The only issue I have had is syncing my devices, so the cloud system sounds great. If I purchase the software now, what will happen when the cloud system becomes available? I know you are planning a monthly fee for the cloud application. Am I better to wait on this or will you and do the monthly or what will happen with respect to the purchase I make now. Thanks!

  22. Emily Rudow
  23. @Lisa Sutter Great to hear that you’re enjoying the software! The details on the migration from self-serve to cloud will be released closer to the launch date. We will be providing a loyalty incentive for all customers that are migrating to cloud. Thanks!

  24. Charles
  25. Approaching the end of the first quarter of 2013, looking forward to the update. Still wishing you had moved to the cloud yesterday… The hardware-based Mac ecosystem is hurting.

  26. Markus
  27. Hi Marketcircle,

    I really want to integrate daylite in my workflow, but I would prefer to use the cloud version. Do you think it will be available before april? Thank you!

  28. Emily Rudow
  29. @Markus Cloud will not be ready before April. Please sign up to receive updates on the status of cloud here:

  30. Ryan
  31. Alright, so it won’t be ready before April, but how about IN April? Look forward to an updated timeline.

    Please and many thanks!

  32. Emily Rudow
  33. @Ryan Unfortunately, we don’t have an exact time frame although we are working very hard on it. As soon as we have a timeline, we will make an announcement. Please sign up for updates here to stay informed:

  34. I love using Daylite 4 but I have to say that as a small business just starting out the cost of it is very expensive. Billings works a treat using cloud but Daylite without the cloud, for me, is not a complete product.

    I would like to see the cloud feature as standard and the whole package within a price I can afford. I fear the cost of setting up Daylite 4 and then the cost of a cloud subscription would be too much.

    Regrettably I can’t see it as an affordable solution for small businesses just starting out – only on the basis of cost.

    But thanks for an otherwise excellent product.

  35. Emily Rudow
  36. @Mark Waddington We will be releasing a s more affordable cloud solution that will be geared towards small businesses just starting out. We don’t have a specific timeframe as to when Daylite cloud will be released. We are however, working extremely hard in getting it finished. You can sign up for updates here: Thanks 🙂

  37. Chris Matthews
  38. it’s almost the end of the first quarter of the year and Marketcircle has promised an update on the status of moving Daylite 4 to the cloud. Really hope you have a release date – it’s a great product but hard to justify without cloud access.

  39. Emily Rudow
  40. @Chris Matthews We will be making an update announcement very soon.

  41. Chris Matthews
  42. Well, it’s the last working day of the quarter and the promised update has not materialised……real shame. We need cloud, badly – but all we see is slippage….

  43. Hi guys,

    Looking forward to Daylite Cloud big time. I’m sure it’s a tough and important job for you guys to get it right and that you’re busy doing that. Still, a brief update would be nice. Having just left 37signals due to their anti-roadmap religion, I’d like to think MarketCircle communicates as promised…

  44. Emily Rudow
  45. @Duncan We will be making an announcement on cloud status soon. Stay tuned!

  46. Robert Donnell
  47. When is soon?

    I may have to give up on Daylite as I can’t make it work with my server etc.

  48. Emily Rudow
  49. @Robert we don’t have an ETA yet unfortunately. We have to make sure to work out all the kinks before releasing it. We will post another status update at the end of the quarter. You can also sign up for updates here.

  50. AJ
  51. Robert, take a look at for a possible option.

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