Billings Pro 1.6.2 is now available!

Product Updates / May 1, 2013 / Admin

We’re very excited to announce the arrival of Billings Pro Version 1.6.2 and Billings Pro Touch 1.6.2. You can upgrade directly to Billings Pro 1.6.2 in the Mac App Store. Billings Pro Touch 1.6.2 on is available for download in the App Store on your iOS device.

What’s new in Billings Pro Touch 1.6.2 ?

Invoicing on your iOS Device

One of the features we’re most excited about is the ability to now send invoices from your iOS device. You can choose from 3 invoice templates (AirMail, Swiss and Blueberry) and they are generated as PDF invoices. Additionally, you can view existing invoices from the account history on your iOS device.

What’s new with Billings Pro 1.6.2 on Mac OS? 

Billings 3 Migrator

If you’re using Billings 3 and have created a new Billings Pro account, Billings Pro will offer you the option to migrate your Billings 3 database. Larger databases will take more time so make sure you set aside a few hours to migrate. If you’re a Billings 3 user who hasn’t yet made the jump to Billings Pro, you can sign-up for a free account here.

Some of the other important features include:

  •  New sync indicator located on the top right of the main window that shows a progress wheel when synchronizing.
  • Smoother sync for high traffic accounts. We’ve optimized the sync system so that it does not interrupt the interface during long, heavy or slow syncs.
  • Fixed an issue when pulling notes from Daylite 4.
  • Updated a number of taxes. Removed some no-longer used taxes.
  • Added the ability to specify 3 decimal percent formatter in report/invoice/estimate editor.

For the full release notes please visit our Knowledge Base.

*What’s new with Billings Pro Server 1.6.2 for Mac OS (For self-serve only)*
This update is for Billings Pro self-serve customers only that host their own server. If you have a cloud account, this does not apply to you.

Billings Pro Server 1.6.2 updates include:

  • Added support for invoicing on Billings Pro Touch
  • Fixed an issue where the server on/off buttons would switch off all the time

Please note self-serve customers: You will need to upgrade to Billings Pro 1.6.2 (Touch, Mac and Server) or you will get an error message when trying to send and view invoices on your iOS device. If you’re a self-serve customer, we will be sending you an email today with upgrading instructions. If you haven’t already signed up to receive email updates, please fill out the self-serve form to receive upgrading instructions.

For any additional questions please email info at We hope you enjoy! 🙂


No Responses to “Billings Pro 1.6.2 is now available!”

  1. All these “enhancements” to the iOS software, but still nothing optimized for iPad? Really? We’ve been told for two years now that “it’s in the works” without details of when/if it will be available.

  2. AJ
  3. Hang tight Steve. You’ll be pleasantly surprised one of these days.

  4. Rasmus
  5. And still no news in regards to whether or not Billings 3 is officially abandonware?

  6. AJ
  7. Rasmus, we continue to provide support for Billings 3 so calling it abandonware is rather harsh. It’s very good value for the money (in fact too good).

  8. alx
  9. “And still no news in regards to whether or not Billings 3 is officially abandonware?”


  10. alx
  11. Just checked it out:

    Marketcircle seem to be going the way of other billing software, preferring to charge monthly instead of having a set fee.

    It would be nice of them to at least explicit that, instead of luring us into “upgrading” to billings pro monthly charges for “free”…

  12. AJ
  13. alx, there is a reason all billing software is going that route. The old route is no longer sustainable. We have to adapt.

  14. Flo
  15. Yes, quite ridiculous that there are no updates and no news about Billings 3. Despite sending many ideas how to amend Billings 3, there are no improvements whatsoever. It is always promised that it will be added to the request list, nothing other than the promise happens.
    These ideas include: exporting all expenses to csv or Excel in order to run better Reports – or detailed ideas on how to improve built-in reporting – or which fields are missing in the template designer and many more.

  16. AJ
  17. Flo, many of the features people have been asking for in Billings 3 are in Billings Pro already. And more are coming.

  18. David
  19. What Rasmus said.

  20. Tim
  21. Any news on BP integration with Xero?

  22. AJ
  23. Tim, it’s on the list to evaluate. We have some exciting stuff ahead of that.

  24. AJ
  25. Tim, on Xero, I should have said, we are happy to offer guidance to anyone who like to write a connector – either through scripting or a plugin.

  26. WOW… $19.95 a month fro Billings? Holy moly. I guess all software is going the way of Adobe’s plan. This is going to put me out of business. I don’t have the cash to pay a monthly fee for all these software suites. Then add Dropbox, YouSendIt, Hosting accounts, iCloud, Adobe, etc. Maybe these software companies should fire a few programmers and offer a cheaper monthly rate. Or an in App Purchase?!?!? That’s a whole other bag of worms that irks me. My 2 cents.

  27. AJ
  28. How many invoices do you send out a month Mark?

  29. I just don’t send enough invoices to make a monthly fee viable. Even the cheapest option would would work out at nearly 5 bucks an invoice!

    What peeves me is that I was a late comer to Billings, and it seems to have stagnated as a product almost as soon as I bought it.

    I’d echo the comments above. What *is* the status of Billings? Are you going to continue to offer and develop it? Or will it be phased out in favour of pro?

    A little communication and transparency goes a long way.

  30. AJ
  31. Adrian, you send out 2 invoices a month? How about estimates & statements?

    On the Billings front, we are in a difficult position. The features people most want (multi-device sync and sync from anywhere) are in Billings Pro already (and it’s only going to get better). The infrastructure required to make this work is not simple (see the spectacular crash outs with core-data + icloud, not that we use core-data, but you get the idea).

    We are looking for a happy medium.

  32. Scott
  33. Curiosu about AJ’s question to Mark about how many invoices per month does he send out. I myself send only 2-3 on average (zero statements, zero estimates). Is there an issue about sending so few that AJ was alluding to??
    Are we lighter users (but just as dependent for daily client slips) going to be abandoned by this new pricing model?

  34. AJ
  35. Scott, we are happy to explore other plans/options. Like I was saying earlier, we need to find a happy medium.

  36. Well, if you say that ‘calling it abandonware is a little bit harsh’ I can say that I am really upset now about your upgrade policy. I’m working with Billings for years now, followed the language files drama in the support forums where german language support has been promised for ages and was finally realized by a german user providing the necessary translations.

    What do you mean if you say that you ‘continue support’? Exactly, please. Will there be bugfixing (still waiting for a bugfix on customer data with german umlauts and french accents for half a year now)? Will Billings be able to run under the next OSX (10.9, 10.10 and so on)? Will there be a migration path to a next Billings version?

    As a freelancer, I don’t need a hosted solution, multiple users and all the Pro features. I need a toool that simply works (and, being in germany, I can’t rely on a cloud based solution since I have to make an agreement with every one of my customers about storing their personal data somewhere on your servers …).

    Frankly asked: will I be able to do my Billings projects in 2016? Or should I have a look at other software?

    P.S.: “It’s very good value for the money (in fact too good).” – Uhmm. We paid for it already. Disappointed about this statement. I’ve paid the price you demanded, and I won’t have a problem paying that price again if I get a perspective on using Billings for the next years. Using Billings Pro doesn’t reflect my usage at all.

  37. AJ
  38. Carolina, as I was saying earlier, many of the features/issues requested by users are already in Billings Pro (for example French & German translation and many others). I appreciate your efforts on the localization bit! That was a system that didn’t work out (both technology wise and process wise).

    The landscape for business software is changing and we have to adapt.

    I know German law is stricter, but we have many German users on Billings Pro. It’s our 4th largest market for that product.

  39. Rasmus
  40. It’s no longer about features being added to Billings 3, AJ.
    It’s about marketcircle as a company needs to act as professionals and make it clear WHAT the status of Billings 3 is, instead of posting vague responses in comments and basically keeping users in the loophole.

    For me personally, i am way past the stage where I would consider using any products from Marketcircle, simply due to the fact that you communicate that badly, and try to kill products in silence. This is useless from my perspective.

    My thinking goes like this:
    “Okay, should I make the switch to Billings Pro? wait a minute.. What if Marketcircle decides to slowly kill this product aswell? Not telling their users and not updating the product regularly? What if im stuck with a huge database in a couple of years, due to the lack of transparency from marketcircle? What if they decide to just ignore the users as they did with Billings 3 ? Hmm.. Do I wont to put myself in that situation again? Hell no!

    Well I guess its not worth the effort then. I’ll find another product.”

    And I bet u, that i’m not the only one thinking like this.

  41. Flo
  42. Will the upgrade finally fix last version’s issues described in #103882? Or will I have to downgrade to 1.5.6 AGAIN after trying out the new version?

    Do you provide download links other than the ones directing us to the App Store?

  43. AJ
  44. If I remember the case correctly, the issue is resolved in the upcoming 1.6.3. Support can send you a link.

  45. Jorge N.
  46. Absolutely amazing!

    I find it absolutely amazing how some Mac users complain about having to pay for something that will *help* them *make* money. I mean, if this was about Dropbox, iCloud, whatever, I could maybe understand, but for a software like Billings, are you serious? It will likely more then pay for itself! And even if it doesn’t, guess what: expense it!

    And for the record – once you’ve paid for Billings, you got what you paid for: a license for you to use in perpetuity; you’re not “owed” anything else by anyone. When I bought Mac OS X 10.6, I didn’t expect Apple to give me 10.7, 10.8 or 10.9 for free later on.

  47. Jimmy
  48. Its a tough one. I have supported MarketCircle products for many many years. They have made my freelance business what it is today and am grateful for it. However, am not sold on a subscription service. Charge whatever you want for NEW releases and I will gladly pay and host the database myself thank you very much.

    I don’t want to be charged for how many invoices I send out. Im a freelancer. This month I may send out 3 invoices, next month maybe 10, who knows. It’s like being punished for your own success.

    Feel free to carry on with subscription service but please offer a one-time fee as well for those who don’t need to host. Charge what you think is fair for that and I am sure users who rely on your software will gladly cough up the cash. I also use Daylite which is incredible. Like a previous commenter mentioned.. imagine paying monthly for all these online services, Web Hosting, Billings, Daylite, DropBox, Adobe, and others… it hurts I tells ya.

  49. Emily Rudow
  50. @Jimmy We understand that the monthly plans aren’t for everyone. That’s why we offer a self-serve option for Billings Pro users who want to host their own database: Self-serve is a one time fee.

  51. Barry Wood
  52. I bought Billings 2 for $59 in February 2008 and then upgraded to Billings 3 for $35 in September 2008. Since then there have been some very nice updates, particularly the recurring invoicing (which really should have been Billings 4).

    Like many of the other posters here I only generate a handful of invoices each month and am a 1-person operation so Billings Pro is overkill, and far too expensive on a per/invoice basis. For us Billings 3 is the perfect application for our needs and I’ve told many people that it was some of the best money I’ve ever spent on software.

    Other than buying the iOS app, Marketcircle hasn’t made any money from me since 2008. I do rely on Billings to manage the time tracking and invoicing that I do so I’m very interested in it’s continued survival. If there was a paid update every year or so it would be a no-brainer for me to pay for it just to alleviate the worry about an OS update breaking Billings. I don’t really need any new features but I do need it to work.

    There is a big difference between $240 per year for Billings Pro and $40 per year for periodic Billings updates. It seems that a lot of people may fall into that gap.

    Please take a look at your customer base and see if it would be viable to issue bugfixes and updates. Please don’t make us become this guy:

  53. AJ
  54. Barry,
    You make some very good points: 1. Us adding features that we could have asked for an upgrade for but didn’t. 2. Us not having a paid upgrade in a while.

    The problem with #2, is how do you this in a where most purchases are happening in the App Store? Sandboxing makes this problem worse.

    Also, in this day of multiple mobile devices, standalone apps just don’t cut it anymore. Wifi sync, while functional, is very fragile and limiting (and support is brutal because of the gazillion possible network configurations out there).

    We need to find a happy medium. We are working on it!

  55. Barry Wood
  56. I appreciate the response AJ.

    Addressing problem #2, I’ve seen companies release major updates as an entirely new application requiring a repurchase. Existing customers can be placated by releasing it at discounted price for a short period to offer an upgrade path of sorts.

    Even paying full pop (currently $39.95) for Billings 4 with minimal changes would be a no brainer for me just for the peace of mind that it’s going to be up to date and will work on the next OS updates.

    The basic time tracking sync between the iOS app and Billings 3 has worked fine the few times I’ve used it. If someone needs something more than that they should be using Billings Pro 🙂

  57. Peter
  58. Marketcircle (AJ) actually does respond to customer concerns. But I also can relate very well to Rasmus and Carolina. I truly don’t get why we have to read between the lines here and why we are forced into buying something way more expensive then what we were used to. That’s even worse than what Adobe is doing and honestly Marketcircle is not Adobe. Considering you can still buy Billings today this all feels very weird and in fact not really good…

    Isn’t there a market for a Billings 4/Lite/Non-Pro Version?
    Wouldn’t this encourage agencies to actually use the Pro Version?
    Wouldn’t Marketcircle actually gain customers, reputation and money buy acting as such?

    As I said this doesn’t really feel good and I guess it’s time to look out for other options…

  59. AJ
  60. Peter,
    The fundamental problem is the convergence of features as requested by users. We are working on a good solution.

  61. DE
  62. We have been using B3 for some while now for a small business use. Got the email last week to ‘upgrade’ to cloud only version with a regular yearly fee and use on an app. We actually thought this would be a useful move as the ability to produce invoices whilst out of the office would be a great benefit to us.

    Then we find that the app can not do bespoke template invoices, only 3 generic ones. Somehow this feels like someone is taking liberties here. Suddenly we are asked to pay a yearly fee, which is higher than the software cost in the first place, to be given an app which has limited functionality and no value.

    I can see no benefit for the change other than for the developers. I have been told that the iPad version may have some sort of work around for this issue, but that it will be several months off before this is launched.

    In that time, we’ll have to find another software package for our needs.

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