Billings 3.7.6 is now available

Product Updates / August 3, 2012 / Admin

Billings 3.7.6 is now available as a direct download from the Marketcircle website.

This version provides parity with the Mac App Store.  That means the minimum requirement for 3.7.6 is Mac OS X (version 10.6.6). For previous Mac OS X versions, visit the previous download page.

Click here for the Release Notes.

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    Brad Lawryk
  1. I currently am using 3.7.2 …. what is the upgrade procedure? Just download and install over top? Don’t want to lose a year’s worth of invoices and projects.

    Can it be downloaded from the Mac Store if you already own the product?

  2. xxx
  3. So much for your previous claims that App Store version is no different from 3.7.2 — and now you match it for parity. Somebody wasn’t entirely honest here…

    Add that to the general neglect of Billings in the past two years (reported bugs unfixed, support doesn’t give a damn, legitimate concerns dismissed) and I’ve made my mind: I’m leaving this abandonware for something better.

  4. Emily Rudow
  5. @xxx We apologize for the “neglect” of Billings, but we had shifted our focus on Daylite 4. Billings is more or less a stable app so as a company we decided that we needed to put all effort forward on making Daylite 4 ready for market. With that being said, we are now back to working on Billings and will have updates soon.

  6. xxx
  7. Of course, the new version doesn’t even show in Check for Updates… Unsurprising.

  8. Aly
  9. Here you go.

    – Quit Billings
    – Download Billings 3.7.6
    – Replace this version of Billings with your existing version of the application located the ‘Applications’ folder.
    – Launch Billings

  10. Simon
  11. Hi,

    I am running Billings 3.7.2, bought direct from Market Circle. I went to Billings>Check for updates, but the message was:

    ‘Billings 3.7.2 is currently the newest version available.’

    Is this a free update? Should I download this new version to replace my old one?

    Thank you.

  12. Simon
  13. Ah, ok I now see the comment above about upgrading. Thanks.

    Where can we see the lust of updated bugs/features?


  14. Aly
  15. Just updated the post with a link to the Release Notes.

  16. ElGrowZone
  17. Hi,
    I’d really really like to see a German version of the non ‘Pro’ variant of Billings. Together with its iPhone companion.

    Yours Volker

  18. Emily Rudow
  19. @ElGrowZone Thanks for the feedback..We’ve logged your request 🙂

  20. Noel
  21. Fullscreen in Lion/MountainLion would be a welcome addition in the next release. Thanks for making such an invaluable product.

  22. Sebastiaan Swinkels
  23. Eh, parity with the App Store version? The App Store still has version 3.7.5… Is there an update coming to the App Store version or am i missing something?

  24. Sebastiaan Swinkels
  25. What the? I posted a question here yesterday about the MAS version of Billings and now it’s gone?

    I just checked the MAS again but the version on there is 3.7.5, is there a new version coming on the MAS soon as well?

  26. Emily Rudow
  27. @Sebastiaan Swinkels Although the version numbers are different on and the App Store, all the updates are the same. We are planning on fixing a few more bugs then resubmitting Version 3.7.6 to the App Store while updating the website version as well (keeping the version number the same). Again, sorry about the confusion, I hope that clarified things. If you have any other questions, feel free to email us at info at marketcircle dot com. Thanks 🙂

  28. Rei Vilo
  29. Does this new release 3.7.6 of Billings bring an easier to use report builder?

  30. I cannot download from the App Store in South Africa – I DO NOT want to update to the subscription but I want the latest Billings 3 version 3.7.6 – please provide a download link.

  31. AJ
  32. Sallie, please go to the “Purchases” section of the Mac App Store. There you’ll see Billings. You’ll be able to update from there. If you don’t see it there, please open a support ticket and we’ll figure out what the issue is.

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