10 macOS and iOS Apps Our Team Can’t Live Without

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One of the many benefits of being an Apple user is how many apps you get to use! How did we ever live without them? As a small business, we make use of plenty of apps to help us be more productive, organized, and even relaxed! Below, we asked the Daylite team to let us know some of their favourite apps for getting through the workday. 


macOS, iOS

Okay, okay, we know this is our own app – of course, it’s on the list! But we use it, too! When it comes to all the moving pieces of a small business, keeping everything in one place helps us stay organized, productive, and gives us more peace of mind! Having a CRM for small business has kept us chugging along for 20 years!

“I’d likely be late for everything without it!” – Megan, Customer Service Manager

“I’d be lost without it.” – JD, Customer Success Manager

“Staying on top of Appointments and Tasks is the key to being a successful manager.” – Mat, Technical Support Manager

“One of the things I rely on Daylite most is keeping track of our content calendar (make content calendar hyperlink to the blog). On top of that, I also use Daylite for my Graphic Design side hustle to keep track of client communication, design mockups, and tasks in one place.” – Kristie, VP of Marketing


macOS, iOS

Want to get more done? Studies show listening to music while you work helps you complete your tasks faster and you’ll even have better ideas! Yay science! With Spotify, you can stream your favourite songs, look for any kind of playlist, and even curate your own! 

“Music helps me get in the zone when I need motivation.” – JD, Customer Success Manager

“Background music is always a must for me!” – Megan, Customer Success Manager

“With so much music range to choose from, I can select any genre of music to fit the mood I’m in whilst working.” – Mat, Technical Support Manager


macOS, iOS

No matter what kind of business you’re in, communication is key. As a remote company, we know this better than anyone! Slack is a single place for messaging, tools and files – helping everyone save time and collaborate together. Thanks to iOSXPert’s plugin, Marketing&Chat, we now have Slack integrated with Daylite! 

“Slack helps to pinpoint where I need to raise points of discussion (and share the occasional funny Giphy or two).” – Mat, Technical Support Manager

“Slack keeps me in the loop when I decide to take a walk outside for a quick break.” – Megan, Customer Success Manager


macOS, iOS

Speaking of communication, Zoom is another must – whether it’s meetings, screen shares, or just a quick catch-up, we can collaborate remotely without missing out on seeing each other’s lovely faces! 

“If I didn’t get to see everyone in person whilst working remotely, I would suffer from a severe case of cabin fever!” Mat, Technical Support Manager


macOS, iOS

Note-taking is just a part of life – and Evernote makes it especially easy! Even better, you can integrate Evernote with Daylite via Zapier to keep everything in one place! 

“The perfect companion used for brainstorming ideas before committing them in Confluence.” –Mat, Technical Support Manager


macOS, iOS

Sometimes, the perfect app is sitting right in front of you! Spreadsheets will always be a part of business, but Apple’s own Numbers app does much, much more!  Numbers starts you off with a blank canvas instead of an endless grid, so you have the freedom to organize your data any way you choose. Select fonts and style cell borders. Add, resize and apply styles to tables. Move everything around your canvas at will – so many options! 

“Used for those all-important support statistics. They don’t call me “Stats Mat” for nothing, you know!” – Mat, Technical Support Manager



So many books, so little time! If you love to read but just can’t find a moment, audiobooks are your new best friend. Whether commuting, at the gym or just taking a walk, Audible lets you multitask your way through all those books you’ve been meaning to read! 

“I’m an audio learner and I like that I can use Audible while task-batching, like listening to a book while doing the dishes. Their subscription model of 3 credits a month pushes me to make decisions on the books I want to read instead of being indecisive with all the choices.” – JD, Customer Success Manager 



Among its many benefits, studies show that meditation helps reduce stress, control anxiety, and increase self-awareness. We all need more of that, especially at work! Headspace has guided meditations for many scenarios, bite-sized sessions for busy schedules, and even SOS exercises for when you’re feeling particularly overwhelmed.  

“Being a manager is stressful! Headspace has helped me make meditation part of my daily routine so I can de-stress and be more mindful at work.” – Kristie, VP of Marketing

Confluence Cloud


Confluence is a shared and open workspace to collaborate with your team with much more power than document or file-sharing tools. Confluence Cloud lets you collaborate on the go no matter where you are so you can stay up to date, share ideas, or reference whatever you need to.  

“It’s like a shared notebook between everyone at the company – all my notes and information stays organized and easy to find, and it makes it easy to collaborate with others in the company on shared initiatives.” – Megan, Customer Service Manager

Billings Pro

macOS, iOS

We’re rounding off the list with another one of our apps, Billings Pro! Designed for freelancers and small businesses, we know that when it comes down to it, you want to spend less time billing and more time doing what you love. Being able to easily design invoices, track time, and manage accounts without all the stress makes chasing your passion worth it. 

“I use Billings Pro’s Time Tracking every day for my internal projects. I like to track how long I’m spending on my work – then I can understand where my time is going and if I need to make changes!” – Mat, Technical Support Manager

Do you use any of the apps we mentioned? Let us know your own favourite apps in the comments below! 

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